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Meditate to fight the loss of grey matter


It’s been a few years since we know that the regular practice of meditation reduces significantly stress, anxiety and depressive disorders. Chronic stress is particularly toxic for the neuronal activity because of the excessive concentration of a hormone, the cortisol, it generates in our body. However, more recent researches bring an additional information about the practice of meditation.

An American study shows that it could slow down the loss of grey matter due to ageing. Researches have compared thanks to MRI the evolution of the brain of people that have been practicing meditation for at least 4 years to the one of a control group. In both group, the grey matter decreases, but it goes down way faster for the group which doesn’t practice. Meditation, which consists in focusing our attention on the moment without being distracted, would facilitate the production of neurones and neuronal connexions and would make up for the loss of grey matter.

If these results are confirmed, meditation could be helpful to reduce the risk of neuro-vegetative illnesses such as Alzheimer or Parkinson disorders. 

Go further with: “Comment prendre de bonnes decisions”, Nadine Sciacca, published by Marabout (February 2016)

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