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In addition of the conferences, Nadine Sciacca organizes bespoke workshops allowing to go further into the thematic thanks to questionnaires, conversations, self-diagnosis questionnaires, role-plays and co-development*. These workshops can be organized for one to three days.

The thematic that can be tackled during the workshops:

  • Emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Change management: obstacles and lever
  • Quality of working life and collective performance
  • Deciding in an uncertain environment
  • Developing our emotional competences
  • Leading a corporation mediation
  • Prevent and manage conflicts
  • Prevent and manage stress
  • Etc…

* Focus on co-development

Co-development is a form of team coaching that allows to talk about complex situations with your colleagues. It allows to identify pragmatic solutions for a participant that had to deal with a difficult situation.
This search for solutions is led by a methodology of problem solving that the participants will be able to use during every difficult situation.
Co-development allows to reinforce cohesion and solidarity among managers in a transversal way, to capitalize on the experience and to facilitate the share of good practices.

Examples of situations that can be tackled in co-development: dealing with a conflict within a team, dealing with a worried, stressed or demotivated colleague, dealing with a difficult personality, managing change within a team…

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