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Nadine Sciacca will give a conference at the ESCP on December 15th on "How to turn our emotions into our best allies" from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

Nadine Sciacca will do a conference on "How to master change management" at the ESCP on October 12th, from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

Intervention on the radio emission “La vie du bon côté”

Intervention on decision-making on the RBTF radio emission “La vie du bon côté” on June 2016.

September 22nd 2016, conference at the Maison du Management

The fear of failure, judgement or rejection, guilt, uncertainty can create unpleasant sensations that we are legitimately inclined to avoid.

Intuition: when should we trust it and when should we not?

80% of our brain activity is unconscious. Our unconscious brain perceives elements of our environment that we don’t identify consciously. Billions of neurones select, classify, memorise and categorize the experiences we live into “positive” ones that should be done again and “negative” ones, to be avoided.

It’s been a few years since we know that the regular practice of meditation reduces significantly stress, anxiety and depressive disorders. Chronic stress is particularly toxic for the neuronal activity because of the excessive concentration of a hormone, the cortisol, it generates in our body. However, more recent researches bring an additional information about the practice of meditation.

Our brain does a lot of selection sort: it tends to see or hear more the information that reinforce our convictions and to ignore the ones that question or discredit our believes.

There is nothing to brag about but when we earn more than our neighbour or when we get a better pay rise than our colleague, the reward pathways are activating in our brain and produce a dopamine discharge, the “happy” hormone.

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