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Nadine Sciacca

Nadine Sciacca

Nadine Sciacca is the co-author of “Comment faire de nos émotions nos meilleures alliées” and “J’ai choisi l’éducation positive” published by Marabout in 2015. She also published “Comment prendre de bonnes decisions” on February 2016.
Former journalist and communication manager for fifteen years, she is now a therapist, business mediator, coach for managers, quality of work life and collective performance consultant and speaker expert in emotional intelligence. She has trained thousands of managers on different topics such as management skills development, change management, prevention of psychosocial risks and optimization of the employee’s commitment.

Member of the AFCP, the French Association of the Professional Speakers, she is graduated from the IPJ, a French journalism school and the Institute of Political Science. She also holds a diploma in Corporate Communication of Celsa, a Master of Business Administration from the Europe Business School and a diploma in mediation. She has trained in systemic therapy at the Grégory Bateson Institute for five years and in strategic coaching at Giorgio Nardone’s Centre in Arezzo.

A few testimonials

« Turning our emotions into our best allies, understanding how our brain takes decisions, creating effective relationships, developing our self-confidence and confidence in others… The themes tackled by Nadine Sciacca allow to reinforce indispensable behaviour skills for managers so they can take up the challenges they have to face today (uncertainty management, transformations linked to digitalisation, new generations’ expectations…). Nadine passes her expertise with pragmatic teaching skills and her infectious passion for the way human functions. »

Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne


« Through the 6 primary emotions that make up the emotional human ‘software’, Nadine shows us in an obvious way that the correct use of our emotions is an efficient tool when it comes to realise our ambitions, even more than the intellect. Her very direct and gentle speech re-echoes in our professional and personals lives. »

Frédéric Henrion
Human Resources Development Director
Suez Environnement

« I organize a lot of events within the Career Team of the ESCP Europe Alumni and Nadine Sciacca is one of our experts. She hosts the following conferences: “Put your emotions in the service of your ambitions” and “Dealing with conflicts to work better together”. Her interventions are rich, living, interactive, entertaining, illustrated with examples that echo to everyone’s experience and with keys that are easy and usable by everyone. She gently invites her audience to become grown-up, actor and responsible. The feedbacks are always excellent. »

Stéphanie Vasen
Professional Evolution Consultant
ESCP Europe Alumni

« In response to a request for a management training, Nadine has known how to create a bespoke module while taking into consideration the difference of maturity between the participants on the managerial culture.
Beyond the content that was powerful, mastered, illustrated with concrete examples and really pragmatic, she knew how to make us think about the know-how as well as our social skills.
Her educational originality is to approach problematics such as conflict management, problem solving, the position of the manager or the director by sharing the “good practices” but most of all by making us think on the impacts of our emotions, the importance of assertiveness…
Her experience as a psychotherapist and her knowledge of the company allow her to illustrate her trainings with examples that are not only from the corporate world.
This method allows to take a step back but also helps to speed up the effectiveness of the training for a change of the behaviour.
Finally, Nadine brings a lot of kindness, listening and adaptation to the expectations while sharing her convictions: her trainings are lived as real privileged moments. »

Christine BARRIERE
Purchasing – Packaging Director
BLC Thalgo Cosmetic Laboratories

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